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rati means “love.”

Our products are made from love for our love ones with the best ingredients

that cause neither allergies nor irritation to your beloved bodies.

Our story

Our Story

The beginning of rati “love” takes place in Bangkok in 2018. We aimed to develop a personal care product that is safe and effective as we love our bodies and we would like to pass on the products to our love ones.

We search for natural ingredients as well as local wisdom to create our products and make them user-friendly for modern lifestyles. rati is not only effective but also gentle enough for you to pass on the goodness to your love ones.
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Everything that is used with our bodies should be safe. That is why the ingredients for all of rati’s products have been carefully selected. We opt for natural minerals, less chemical and food-grade ingredients.

“ because we believe that what is edible should be safe for our skin and bodies ”




rati believes in primitive wisdom and natural ingredients for everyday life. We mainly look for ingredients from herbs combined with Thai local wisdom as well as South East Asian wisdom. Then we create a product that fits our bodies, tropical climate, and modern lifestyles. With practical and beautiful design, we proudly present Bangkok’s personal care products which are suitable for all skin types.


We rati you

rati is meticulously crafted personal care, dedicated to developing products that are not only safe for all sensitive skin types but also highly effective.

Our passion for self-love extends to our commitment to provide products that we feel confident passing on to our loved ones. We carefully source natural ingredients and draw inspiration from Thai local wisdom to create products that seamlessly integrate into modern lifestyles. Experience the beauty of skincare that cares for you and your loved ones.

Personal Care

Natural Ingredient
Potash alum
Natural Ingredient
We create our personal care products with “love” as we understand that you care and pay attention to what is used on your bodies. All ingredients for rati’s have been meticulously selected so you can be assured that our products are extremely gentle on your skin.
Core ingredients for all of rati’s products:

- Pure Potassium Alum helps prevent the formation of bacteria that causes body odor.
- Naturally keep you odor free all day.
- No paraben that may cause allergies and irritation.
- Unscented, not overpowering your fragrance
- Hypoallergenic and nonirritant, won’t darken your underarm areas

- Portable with beautiful design of packaging, easy to carry around.
Our Products

Deodorant Spray

Special formula of deodorant spray made from high-quality potassium alum. Peppermint oil provides a fresh and comfortable feeling while Aloe Vera extract helps protect skin from irritation, leaving your skin moisturized, smooth, and healthy-looking.

Infused with mineral water derived from Chiang Mai’s forests, rati deodorant spray is alcohol-free and fragrance-free. It causes no allergies and no irritation. Moreover, our product is unscented and colorless so it does not overpower your fragrance and cause stains on your clothes.


Happy Feet

Foot & shoe deodorant spray made from a mix of pure potassium alum and mineral water. Peppermint oil gives your feet a cooling sensation while black tea extract serves as an antioxidant and naturally reduces the accumulation of bacteria.
rati Happy Feet is formulated without alcohol and synthetic chemicals. As a result, it does not cause stains and damages to your delicate leather and shoes.
rati Natural Deodorant
rati Natural Deodorant
rati Natural Deodorant
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